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Paul Richards

Paul Richards is a lifetime Long Islander born and bred. He knew from as far back as 1965 that he wanted to make radio his career. And he did. After graduating from a communications college in Boston, he launched his broadcast journey as a newsman in Oneonta, NY in the fall of 1974. Four months later he was the morning man for progressive rock WAAL in Birghampton. In 1976 he was doing double duty on Long Island; full time at WGLI and part time weekends at WBAB, both in Babylon. He's also done stints at WNYG, also in Babylon. In 1999 he began a long association with a major broadcasting group first doing middays and then later morning guy for what was then B-103 and in 2005 a fill in personality at LOVE 96. But it was in 2006 that he landed a dream job as program director and morning host at legendary WHLI which was still running an adult standards format at that time. He semi-retired from radio in 2015 but just like many before him, the bug bit him again. That's why he's here. His loves are many and include music of all kinds, food, and The New York Yankees to name a few. He's happy and proud to be associated with Oldies98.
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Jim O'Brien

Although I have only been on Long Island since 2004, I consider it my home.
Why do you recognize my voice when I am at the checkout at the 7-Eleven????
I have been the voice of News 12 Networks – News 12 Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Westchester – since 1998. All I have to say is “As local as local news gets” Just ask me! :O)
From 2005 until 2015, I was the mid-day “Voice Guy” on Long Islands very popular B-103 “Long Island’s Greatest Hits” until it was sold and changed to “103.1 - MAX_FM” . I miss all the wonderful people I met during my time there.
Since 1993 I have been an independent voice over talent for dozens of radio and television stations nationally when I left Boston (WMJX-WBCS) and Providence (WWLI-WCTK)
You can hear my character voices on various animated childrens series and as the narrator of several documentaries and – YES – I AM the “Shamwow” “Slap Chop” CALL NOW!! guy you hear at the end of Vince Offer’s crazy infomercials on TV!! I am waiting to see what he comes up with next! By the way – he’s not REALLY crazy.
You can hear what I do when I am not on the air at Oldies 98 by checking out my demos on voice
Remember, great music means something different to all of us and we hope the great songs from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s that we play put a smile on your face or a tear in your eyes.
I know it does for me.
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Jay Letterman

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Qquincy (yes, that is how he spells his name) has 40 years of radio experience behind him.
He has made stops from Washington, DC to Miami Florida with most points in between.
He knew at an early age he would choose one of two careers, a musician or radio personality.
Radio won and since that time he has never regretted his choice.
He has programmed and had radio programs on many radio station in a variety of format but feel most at home playing the Oldies.
A perfect fit for Oldies 98's 6 p- 10 p Monday-Friday time slot,
Listen and hear why he says he is a "true child of the 60s and 70s."
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Frankie C.

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Randy Saxx

After many years in the smallest state, Randy has returned to Long Island where she grew up hanging around a radio station since the age of 16. Finding happiness with music and radio, Randy studied at both Berklee School of Music and Emerson College in Boston. Working with many different music formats during her 19+ years in radio, playing the "Greatest Hits of all Time" is her absolute favorite and Randy is thrilled to be on the air at Oldies 98.
Listen for the biggest smile on the radio!

Dick Clark

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Sunday 05:00am - 09:00am Rock, Roll & Remember
Sunday 05:00pm - 08:00pm Rock, Roll & Remember

Casey Kasem

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Sunday 09:00am - 12:00pm American Top 40

Wolfman Jack

Wolfman Jack was born Robert Weston Smith, in Brooklyn, New York, on January 21, 1938. As a young teenager, he would listen to the radio in his home’s basement, where he pretended to be the DJ. His early influences were the DJ’s of his day like; Tommy Small, The Hound, and Jocko. At the age of 16, his love for radio grew as he listened daily to Alan Freed, the ultimate DJ of New York. One week, for several days, hoping to meet Freed, Smith positioned himself near the outside stage-door of the Paramount Theater, where Freed did major rock & roll stage shows. While hanging around outside the theater, Smith was noticed and received a big break, he not only met Freed, he also got a job as a "gofer" at the Paramount. Later, Smith attended the National Academy of Broadcasting in Washington D.C. While going to classes at night, by day, he supported himself as a door-to-door salesman. Although Smith was a high-school dropout, he graduated broadcasting school at the head of his class with an A average.

Smith’s first real radio job was at WYOU in Newport News, Virginia. It was here in 1960, he met the love of his life, Lucy “Lou” Lamb. They were married and quickly had two children. At WYOU, Smith did three shows with three different DJ personas; “Daddy Jules”, who played R&B, “Roger Gordon”, who played classical and “Big Smith with the Records”, who played the current hits.

In late 1961, Smith moved his family to Shreveport, Louisiana where he began working at KCIJ. Being a country music station, although Smith’s show was successful and had many listeners, he was looking for something different. It was in Shreveport that Bob Smith created the Wolfman Jack character and had the idea to get the new Wolfman Jack Show on the powerful Mexican radio station, XERF, a massive 250,000 watt station with a signal that covered all of North America. As a kid, back in Brooklyn, he used to listen to the Big X which played great music by day and at night basically catered to U.S. based preachers who preached religion and sold many different religious items. Wolfman thought he too could “sell stuff” and make as he said, “big money.” This unique station made tons of cash for the preachers and Smith wanted in on the action! Bob Smith got Wolfman Jack on XERF… and the legend was born! Wolfman Jack’s personality sent energy through the radio speakers and attracted the attention of millions of people all across North America. Wolfman’s mix of rowdy rock, verbal antics and raw rhythm & blues, began to make news. His national popularity grew as stories began to appear in “Time Magazine”, “Newsweek”, “Life Magazine”, and major city newspapers, all asking the same question; “Who is Wolfman Jack and where did he come from?”

In 1968, Smith, now living as Wolfman Jack 24/7, moved his family and business operations to Los Angeles. By this time, The Wolfman Jack Radio Show, had been on XERF for nearly 5 years and was now also on XERF’s popular 100,000 watt sister station, XERB, which covered the entire west coast of the U.S. Major music artists such as Todd Rundgren, Leon Russell, Freddie King and the Guess Who, all produced chart-topping hits written about the Wolfman. In early 1970, everything was going great for Wolfman. He was living in Beverly Hills, CA. His show was on two big stations, being heard all over the USA and was making lots of money. Maybe too much money, because in 1970, without warning, the Mexican Government took both XERF and XERB back and suddenly Wolfman Jack was off-the-air, without a job, or any regular income. This was financially devastating to him as he had recently bought an office building where he built a new studio. In desperation, Wolfman took a job at radio station KDAY in Los Angeles for a mere pittance of his former salary.

However, in 1972, his luck began to change when he was hired to be the announcer, interviewer and co-host of NBC-TV's late-night music series, “The Midnight Special.” Then, in 1973, George Lucas, who grew up in Northern California, as a fan listening to Wolfman’s show on XERB, cast Wolfman Jack in his classic film “American Graffiti”, which was a huge hit. As a gift, George Lucas gave Wolfman a small percentage of Graffiti’s profits. Because of the enormous popularity of the film, Wolfman left KDAY and for a brief time moved to New York and was on WNBC radio. He commuted twice a month to do The Midnight Special, but, the pressure was too stressful that he decided to quit WNBC and move back to his home in CA. He then formed his own distribution company and was the first radio DJ to nationally distribute his show. His distribution company, Audio Stimulation, distributed The Wolfman Jack Radio Show to over 2000 stations in 53 countries. Wolfman also made more than 87 television and film appearances.

On July 1, 1995, Wolfman Jack died of a heart attack at his home in Belvidere, North Carolina. That day, he finished broadcasting what would be his last Wolfman Jack Radio Show from The Hard Rock Cafe in Washington, D.C. He was very anxious to get home as he had been on the road for several days doing a promotional book tour for his new autobiography “Have Mercy.” After a flight from D.C. and a limousine ride from the airport, Wolfman was happy to be home. "He walked up the driveway, went inside the house and hugged his wife. Then he just fell down and was dead" said Lonnie Napier, former vice president of Wolfman Jack, Inc.

About 5 years after his death, Wolfman Jack Licensing was formed and began to digitize Wolfman’s radio show tapes. From Wolfman's vast, personal radio show tape archive, WJ Licensing has produced multiple digital original Wolfman Jack Shows that are currently being distributed to radio stations all over the USA and Internationally.

The Wolfman Jack Radio Show is still on the air, every night, somewhere in the world!
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Saturday 07:00pm - 12:00am The Wolfman Jack Radio Show

Bob Malik

Steve Harper

Steve Harper has been a part of Long Island radio mornings for decades and now he's part of your afternoon on Oldies 98.1! Steve's voice has be heard around the world on many radio and television commercials and nationally syndicated shows. He has even been called upon to host for many including the legendary Dick Clark. Steve has also had the pleasure of helping launch many notable performers. He was one of the first to bring to radio Mariah Carey, Psychic John Edward and New Kids On The block.

Steve's career began at age 17 on Long Island, where he became the youngest afternoon drive announcer in the U-S on WYFA, 1580. From there it was onto WBLI, where he reined for over two and a half decades, followed by 101.7 The Beach and 92.9 WEHM and mornings for almost a decade at K98.3.

Along with radio, Steve is busy getting results for clients of his advertising agency Harper Marketing, donating efforts to many charitable causes and spending time with his family. He's also a big fan of craft beer (especially Long Island's) and is mildly obsessed with boneless chicken wings and hot sauce!
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Joe Johnson

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