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Jay Letterman

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Qquincy (yes, that is how he spells his name) has 40 years of radio experience behind him.
He has made stops from Washington, DC to Miami Florida with most points in between.
He knew at an early age he would choose one of two careers, a musician or radio personality.
Radio won and since that time he has never regretted his choice.
He has programmed and had radio programs on many radio station in a variety of format but feel most at home playing the Oldies.
A perfect fit for Oldies 98's 6 p- 10 p Monday-Friday time slot,
Listen and hear why he says he is a "true child of the 60s and 70s."
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Frankie C.

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Scott Shannon

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Jim O'Brien

Although I have only been on Long Island since 2004, I consider it my home.
Why do you recognize my voice when I am at the checkout at the 7-Eleven????
I have been the voice of News 12 Networks – News 12 Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Westchester – since 1998. All I have to say is “As local as local news gets” Just ask me! :O)
From 2005 until 2015, I was the mid-day “Voice Guy” on Long Islands very popular B-103 “Long Island’s Greatest Hits” until it was sold and changed to “103.1 - MAX_FM” . I miss all the wonderful people I met during my time there.
Since 1993 I have been an independent voice over talent for dozens of radio and television stations nationally when I left Boston (WMJX-WBCS) and Providence (WWLI-WCTK)
You can hear my character voices on various animated childrens series and as the narrator of several documentaries and – YES – I AM the “Shamwow” “Slap Chop” CALL NOW!! guy you hear at the end of Vince Offer’s crazy infomercials on TV!! I am waiting to see what he comes up with next! By the way – he’s not REALLY crazy.
You can hear what I do when I am not on the air at Oldies 98 by checking out my demos on voice
Remember, great music means something different to all of us and we hope the great songs from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s that we play put a smile on your face or a tear in your eyes.
I know it does for me.
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Dick Clark

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Sunday 05:00pm - 09:00pm Rock, Roll & Remember

Casey Kasem

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Bob Malik

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Paul Richards

Paul Richards is a lifetime Long Islander born and bred. He knew from as far back as 1965 that he wanted to make radio his career. And he did. After graduating from a communications college in Boston, he launched his broadcast journey as a newsman in Oneonta, NY in the fall of 1974. Four months later he was the morning man for progressive rock WAAL in Birghampton. In 1976 he was doing double duty on Long Island; full time at WGLI and part time weekends at WBAB, both in Babylon. He's also done stints at WNYG, also in Babylon. In 1999 he began a long association with a major broadcasting group first doing middays and then later morning guy for what was then B-103 and in 2005 a fill in personality at LOVE 96. But it was in 2006 that he landed a dream job as program director and morning host at legendary WHLI which was still running an adult standards format at that time. He semi-retired from radio in 2015 but just like many before him, the bug bit him again. That's why he's here. His loves are many and include music of all kinds, food, and The New York Yankees to name a few. He's happy and proud to be associated with Oldies98.
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